How to avoid making a contingent offer on a home

How to avoid making a contingent offer on a home

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Making a contingent offer. Once you’ve moved past the price portion of the offer, consider if other needs and conditions will be included. If you already own a home and need to sell it in order to have the money to pay for this new one, an offer contingent on the sale of your house is necessary.

Dear Monty: Are contingent offers a waste of time? Some agents see a home sale contingency as an investment in their time that may go unrewarded, but if the market is hot, your home may sell first.

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Buying a house is a give-and-take process. But it’s more than just giving your money and taking the keys. The contract process is wrapped around a series of contingencies and disclosures.

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A contingent sale offer gives buyers a set period, often 30 or 60 days, to list their home and enter into a contract. Most contingency agreements contain a kick-out clause: If your dream home’s seller receives a noncontingent offer during the set time period, you typically have a day or two to rescind the contingency or risk losing the home.

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